Before Bigg Boss 15, Bigg Boss OTT to premiere in August 2021

Bigg Boss fans are eagerly awaiting the Bigg Boss 15 this year as well. This wait of the fans is about to end very soon in August 2021. 

Bigg Boss OTT

Bigg Boss, which comes up with different plans, formats, and strategies each year and that is the biggest reason for its popularity. Bigg Boss is the most-watched reality show in India and around the world. Fans love the changes and the different formats every year. Bigg Boss 15 is coming up with a lot of changes this year. Along with the planned changes every year, this year, the makers have also announced a change in the name of Bigg Boss. The new name of Bigg Boss 15 will also be called “Bigg Boss OTT”. This shows that Bigg Boss 15 season is going to be very interesting and thrilling this time.

Bigg Boss 15 and Voot:

This will be the first time in the history of Bigg Boss that the Bigg Boss will release its premiere on Voot 6 weeks before the start of Bigg Boss. This year you can watch Bigg Boss 15 live 24 Hours on Voot. According to the head of Voot : “Bigg Boss has witnessed tremendous success over seasons and has grown to become India’s biggest entertainment property. The launch of Bigg Boss OTT on Voot is another step towards solidifying our ‘Digital First’ approach as an organization. We are confident that our loyal fans and subscribers will enjoy a truly world-class experience through our 24 hour Live feeds, interactivity, and gaming offerings.”

Host of this season: 

Like every year, Salman Khan will be seen hosting. Along with the changes in the Bigg Boss strategies and plans, another reason for the fame of Bigg Boss is its host Salman Khan.

Salman Khan has been hosting Bigg Boss for many years. This news is also very exciting for the fans that the Bigg Boss 15 season is coming sooner than last season. Bigg Boss may be released in August this year and it could be the longest season of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss OTT:

As we have said this season of the Bigg Boss will be digital for the first time. Bigg Boss 15 will be released on the Voot six weeks in advance that is why season 15 has also been given the name of Bigg Boss OTT.

Bigg Boss OTT will Start From August 2021. And this has also been heard that it will not be hosted by Salman Khan in the OTT period of Bigg Boss 15.

Co Host of Bigg Boss OTT / Bigg Boss 15

Like last year, Sidharth Shukla may be seen hosting in the OTT period of Bigg Boss.

Janta Factor:

During the OTT period, the audience will enjoy the public factors. This OTT period will also be called the “Janta Factor”. Where the audience will decide which member can stay in the house, which members will complete which tasks, and which members should leave the house. All of this will be decided by the audience. As this season is coming up with a lot of changes so maybe this season will seems to be touching the heights of fame and rating.

This season is also going to be interesting and thrilling because of its contestants. Divya Agarwal who was the winner of MTV Ace Of Space and was runner up in Splitsvilla maybe she will be seen participating in this season of Bigg Boss. Divya Agarwal also appeared as a guest in season 11 when her ex-boyfriend was a member of the Bigg Boss. Maybe she’ll be seen with her boyfriend Varun Sood in Bigg Boss 15.

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